Andesite is a igneous rock resulting from a volcanic eruption, which has a fine grain in various shades, from brown and purple to gray. Having a uniform structure, andesite is a very hard building material.

General technical characteristics :

  • Water absorption: 2,40 %
  • Compression strength: 0,1 g/cm2
  • Dry compressive strength: 120N/mm2
  • Compressive strength after 25 of freeze-thaw cycles: 100 N/mm2
  • Mechanical shock resistance: 3,5 N/mm2


Both adhesive-based assembly, as well as screed mounting can be used.


Andesite is also used as a building stone for paving roads. Due to its hardness, can be used for sidewalks, court, parking, plinths or facades.


Andesite can be delivered in the form of ballast, plywood or cubic stone.

Thick slabs: 2,3 cm

Plywood thickness: 1;2;5;10 cm

Standard processing:

Polished, polished, scapitat, roughened, my son.

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