A delight for the eyes, a joy for steps, natural stone stairs have a custom design, AGRICIN brand.


– The natural stone steps are meant to complete any arrangement, matching walls or floors decorated with natural stone.
– The main attributes of natural stone steps are durability and elegance. You will be convinced on the spot that you have made a good decision by choosing natural stone steps, because the work will impress with its unique beauty, durability and resistance to ultraviolet rays.
– Waterproofed after installation, natural stone steps do not change their structure and volume. They are a good thermal conductor, and on the outside they can acquire an anti-slip character by finishing.


You can opt for natural stone stairs, both on the outside, as well as inside. For the exterior, we recommend using a non-slip granite, which is distinguished by a high degree of hardness, and inside you can choose from a wide variety of marble materials, granite or travertine.


The slabs have a length between 200cm and 300cm, which allows the realization of steps and countersteps in one piece. For the execution of the steps in one piece, the hardness of the chosen materials must be taken into account, the width of the parts to be made and the assembly area, its exterior and interior.

The advantages of plating stairs with natural rocks:

– the possibility of executing each step in one piece according to the shape and stereotomy of the space
– high hardness, variety of colors, high durability, higher level of finish at a cost similar to other products that do not rise to the same aesthetic appreciation and durability.


– the measurements must be accurate for each component of the scale: step, contratreapta, plinth.
– choice of material, of the color and the way of finishing is done depending on the location and the traffic level of the stairs
– for exterior stairs, we recommend materials in light colors and with a matte finish – roughened or
– for independent steps (those that connect the ground floor to the first floor or those in a spiral), the desired thickness and length of the material must be specified.

Other similar materials