Marble or granite window sills are the detail that completes a tastefully decorated window. In addition to aesthetic importance, natural stone window sills also have practical utility, they lining the bottom of the window.

The window sills offered by AGRICIN are made entirely of marble or natural granite and represent your solution for both new constructions, as well as for renovations. These products highlight the finishes and design of the room, creating a pleasant atmosphere.


– Natural stone window sills are a decorative element for the window, but also a wall protection element, being able to be mounted both inside and outside the constructions.
– There are many advantages to choosing a natural stone window sill: it is durable, resistant to the action of ultraviolet rays and temperature variations and does not produce noise during rain.
– Being available in a very varied color palette, Natural stone window sills can be easily integrated into a construction project.


– Materials for the entire range of natural stone can be chosen for interior window sills, respectively: marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx or composite quartz, depending on the desired color and style of the building.
– The outside, the use of frost-resistant materials is recommended. The optimal choice is granite due to the low degree of absorption and for its resistance to UV rays, to large differences in temperature and weather.
– Other materials such as marble can also be used, limestone or travertine, but we recommend that their finish be matte, brushed, antique, because in time they fade from UV rays if the glossy variant is chosen.


Depending on the materials chosen and the length of the slabs, the window sills can be made in one piece. The usual thickness is 2cm, but window sills can also be made at greater thicknesses, by purchasing raw material directly to the desired thickness or by doubling the visible edges.

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