Unique product design for elements

The know-how obtained in over 28 years and investments in modern technology has ensured the manufacture of products that meet the requirements of each project. Agricin's team of specialists is always prepared to offer its clients:

  • Technical and aesthetic consultancy
  • Unique production and execution of elements
  • Preliminary measurements and assembly
  • Post-installation maintenance

Ornamental walls and floors

For decorations, ornamental stone is a material that does not go out of style. Used since ancient times, the stone is the ideal combination of elegance, durability and stability. Both aesthetically and as an ambiance, the stone creates a strong and expressive impact. Being of a very hard basaltic nature, decorative natural stone is resistant to wear and impact.

Having a purely decorative role, the walls and ornamental floors surprise with their beauty and uniqueness, enriching the interior and exterior spaces with a note of refinement and originality.


Fireplaces bring warmth to any living room, intimacy and style. They are durable works, unique in beauty, which add personality to interior spaces. Easy to maintain, fireplaces built or covered with natural stone are available in a wide range of colors and textures, being therefore easy to integrate in any interior space.

At classic fireplaces, predominant are materials such as marble, granite and limestone, decorated with friezes or sculptures with sober lines that give a sophisticated ambiance, elegance. Marble predominates in modern fireplaces, stainless steel, glass and cast iron.

Art and design objects

The pleasure of working with stone is an old tradition, which over time has led to the obtaining of decorative objects or jewelry with a special value. Natural stone art objects represent a valuable investment materialized in a sustainable work, which are defined by distinction and an inimitable style. You can enjoy these unique or small series items, with artistic value, made of natural stone.

The range of products offered by Agricin includes lighting fixtures, statues, flower vases, fruit bowls, ashtrays, office items. Design specialists also use, natural stone, for designing decorations that bring value and originality to interior spaces. So, a decorative wall or an ornamental floor can be real works of art highlighted by their material and design.


A special type of natural stone composition, which is highlighted by its original appearance, is our Open-book concept. It consists in cutting several slabs from the same type of stone and gluing them following the continuity of the rock veins.. So, this process gives rise to unique models. The open-book can be made of any type and combination of stones, without requiring special maintenance other than the usual for other types of floors (waxing, waterproofing).

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