The countertop is a building element used on top of kitchen furniture, bathroom or bar, but also in unique and design elements: fireplaces, tables, bedside tables and other pieces of furniture.


– It has an extremely long lifespan, making the investment profitable;
– It adds comfort and safety to the chosen destination;
– The unique character flatters through the note of distinction and elegance offered to the interior spaces;
– It easily fits into any type of environment through the contribution of the wide range of shades and the superior level of execution of the finishes;

Product Accents:

– Low degree of absorption that prevents various liquids from infiltrating and staining its structure. It gives it resistance to contact with various foods and beverages often used in a kitchen such as red wine, vinegar, oil, coffee, mustard, citrus etc..
– Resistance to mechanical actions such as shocks, clashes, scratch
– Heat-resistant - contact with hot dishes does not affect its structure and appearance
– Resistance to bacteria - zero bacteria
– Low degree of expansion and compression (it does not change its structure and volume as a result of the action of water).