Urban Elements

Pavements and curbs

The street pavement with cubic stone allows to obtain an optimally usable surface in any season, due to its resistance to temperature changes. This surface prevents the accumulation of ditches that sometimes appear on adjacent roads. An important advantage is that the cubic granite stone prevents the formation of mud layers on the stone and does not allow the accumulation of dust., thus maintaining an optimal level of circulation.
Compared to other road finishes (asphalt, concrete), the cubic stone can be removed and reassembled after repairs, without changing the original street or pedestrian aspect. Among the main qualities of the pavement is the hardness, durability and a very long longevity, to which is added the pleasant appearance.

Facades and fences

Natural stone facades and fences add personality to the buildings, increase the durability of the arrangements and present an ease in maintenance incomparable with other materials. An advantage of using natural stone for exterior walls is that over time, in contact with atmospheric factors, the rock skates and becomes more and more resistant due to the formation of a protective layer. This phenomenon can be ameliorated by applying a protective varnish, ensuring greater durability of constructions in optimal conditions.
As for the stone fences, they are also notable for their aesthetic and functional superiority. The fences can be made entirely of natural stone, or they can only be clad or adorned with natural stone constituents.

Mobilier urban

Installation of urban furniture elements (benches, tables) it comes from our desire to properly optimize public spaces. These parts installed in the urban landscape have a higher level of durability and finish compared to other types of materials., not much cheaper. The pieces of furniture can be made of massive pieces of natural stone or can be plated, after they are build. There is the possibility of executing each piece in one piece according to the shape and stereotomy of the furniture.

Monuments and fountains

Physical manifestations of collective memory or simple elements of urban decoration, natural stone monuments are durable works, imposing, hard to overlook. The materials from which the monuments are made must be weather resistant, therefore granite and basalt are preferred. The monuments are made of either stone blocks, either by stone plating after pouring the monument.

Other similar materials