We spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom, from daily routine to relaxation rituals - so this room also deserves special attention when it comes to design and design.

Choosing a countertop is, maybe even more difficult than a kitchen counter. Choosing a bathroom countertop can be a real challenge!

Agricin recommends some indicators to keep in mind when choosing bathroom countertops.

What would you like your bathroom to look like?? There are several styles, from the traditional / country to the modern, or why not, Victorian style. When you want something different, we recommend the Mediterranean style, art deco or neoclassical. The key would be to study the styles very well beforehand, to choose the best option, and which, of course, it suits you best.

Daily activities
If you use hot styling tools, e.g, you need a high temperature resistant worktop.

Playful children
If there are children very often around, then you need a material that is resistant to bacteria and easy to clean.

Countertop maintenance

Testing of bathroom surfaces is different from those for the kitchen.
For the bathroom, we think of traces of lipstick or hair dye instead of food or coffee / wine stains., In the bathroom we can get rid of nail polish or acetone, chemicals, and these can leave consistent marks on the countertops.

Natural stone countertops are quite exposed to corrosive agents, therefore, acidic cleaning detergents are not recommended, but rather special maintenance kits or professional detergents.

Why natural stone countertops?

Remarkable both in beauty and endurance, through the upper level of finish, natural stone countertops prove to be a profitable investment, bringing long-term value to the arrangement.

✓Extremely long lifespan;
✓ give extra comfort and safety to the chosen space ;
✓the unique character flatters through the note of distinction and elegance offered to the interior spaces;
✓Easy to fit into any type of environment;
✓resistance to mechanical actions(strikes, clashes,scratch);
✓termorezistență; (natural stone maintains heat or coolness)
✓resistance to bacteria(Natural stone is not an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria, and with the help of special treatments the performances of the natural stone can be increased)
✓low degree of expansion and compression. (valid for quartz composite, granite and marble; this advantage of natural stones can be improved by a waterproofing process).

At Agricin, we always offer you spectacular solutions that we customize according to your preferences.