Quartz is a material obtained by crushing and grinding a 93% stone and 7% synthetic resins and pigments.

The Quartz countertop from INNO CounterTops has the following features:

– durable

– scratch resistant, stains and heat

– moisture resistant and uniform

– maintenance free

– wide range of colors

– glossy finish, matte or textured

Composite quartz countertops have the advantage of an extremely varied color package, thus completing its durability and strength. Not being a natural material (contain 93 % quartz and 7 % resins) it is easier to integrate in different types of arrangements, both for lovers of warm shades, open as well as for those who want intense colors, accent. The color palette respects the uniformity and attracts attention through the appearance of the surface very glossy and uniform. It can also impress by combining it with other types of material, such as wood.

INNO CounterTops Strato laminated ceramics meet the following qualities:

– simple installation

– easy maintenance

– resistance to high temperatures up to 180 ° C

– great variety of colors, textures and patterns

– waterproof

– resistance to chemicals and household products

– easily repaired in the event of an incident, by grinding or plugging with resin

-non-porous surface that increases resistance to mechanical damage;

– RTD;

– the material is easy to adapt to various types of countertops (curves, insular, at right angles etc.);

– resistant to corrosive substances.

This artificial stone is made of 90% quartz and also contains colored pigments.

Composite countertops contain polymers and up to 93% quartz particle.

The heat and pressure of the earth's crust on the limestone for years has resulted in the marble. INNO CounterTops Crystal countertops stand out with the following qualities:

– elegant

– durable

– resistant to high temperatures

– scratch resistant

– easy cleaning

– luminous

– it is available in different shapes and colors

– available in various types of finish

– may be more sensitive to acid stains (vinegar), so care is very important.


Without a doubt, the most beautiful natural stone in the world, in special colors and with veins and iridescence that sometimes exceed any imagination, marble gives any space, an impressive look. It is a very dense metamorphic rock, tough, with very fine grain, which can be easily polished with spectacular results. Depending on the origin, marble has very different aspects: from white to black, with perfectly unicolored surfaces, to green or red, with many discreet colors.

Being one of the hardest rocks on Earth and obtained from the magma's path through the tectonic plates to the surface resulting in magma, it takes millions of years for granite to form.

Granite countertops from INNO CounterTops are the epicenter of any kitchen, this summing up the following qualities:


Impressive color palette

Resistance to high temperatures

Scratch resistance

Moisture resistant

Easy cleaning



– Thermistor (does not deteriorate on direct contact with a heat source:);

– is available in a very wide range of colors;

– it retains its appearance for a long time;

– it has an extremely long lifespan;

– it is very easy to maintain and does not require special treatments;

– high hardness - does not scratch and has stain resistance, heat and water.

– being a natural material it has a porous surface and periodic maintenance is necessary to avoid absorption and staining.

A granite countertop flatters through the uniqueness of the existing granulation and the characteristic color combinations of this material. Granite is one of the most durable and elegant materials from which countertops can be made. In addition to the high level of hardness, which is closest to that of the diamond among natural stones, has the advantage of offering a diversified color package. Which sets it apart from other types of materials in particular, is its originality.

The uniqueness that nature ensures, ranks it among the most sought after materials for making countertops. They are durable and easy to maintain, being available in a wide range of textures and finishes so they can easily fit into any environment. The advantages of this product are many, standing out for its beauty and durability. The superior level of finish gives it an incomparable quality with other materials, making any development investment profitable.