The fireplace is the heart of the house. In the evening when you get home, Winter, the most pleasant moment is when you relax on the sofa, in front of the fireplace, where the wood crackles gently.

The fireplace warms the interior of the room. Positioned in the corner or in the center of a room, a fireplace will always attract attention. And for this aspect, architects and designers turn to natural stone to enhance its natural and warm appeal.

Beautiful and comforting, stone fireplaces are customizable, practical and spectacular. When you think of a stone fireplace, you immediately think of something old, rustic and cool, but it doesn't have to be like that. Actually, there are 5 advantages for building a stone fireplace.


1. Natural stone is a central visual point, charming

Natural stone is visually distinct and elegant - like marble and granite – or rustic. Because it is formed in nature, it has rich tones and shades, which are warm and welcoming. It allows for artistic design and blends the interior of a home with the exterior architecture and landscaping if the same stone is used. The color variation blends perfectly with the current minimalist and maximalist decor trends, adding depth and interest — the organic shapes and textures of natural stone harmonize perfectly with wood accents and other decorative stone accents.

2. Longevity

Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world and has an extraordinarily long lifespan. You can see this aspect in ancient buildings around the world, where natural stone survives, while other materials fade and do not pass the test of time. Objects made of natural stone have several lives without losing their luster.

3. Durability

Natural stone is known to be practically indestructible. It can be handled easily without falling apart and is highly resistant to damage from flooding or mold. It is precisely for this reason that many use natural stone in the areas that give them the biggest headaches, such as bathrooms, floors and fireplaces.

4. Natural stone is ecological

There are no harmful chemicals or toxins in natural stone. Because it is extracted from the earth, its carbon footprint is significantly lower than other manufactured materials. Stone can be easily recycled and reused, extending its life and reducing waste in landfills. Its long shelf life means, also, that it does not need to be replaced often. In many ways, stone is one of the first environmentally friendly building materials that we continue to use to this day.

5. Natural stone increases the resale value of the home

Real estate agents and architects agree that natural stone increases the value of a home and provides a high return on investment when owners decide to sell.
Natural stone can increase the value of a home by up to 25% from its sale value, when associated with stone countertops, FLOORING, bathrooms, outside areas, fireplaces. Due to longevity and low chance of replacement during ownership, it is a once in a lifetime investment.

Do not forget!

Marble is of a rare beauty that is impossible to replicate and can always be polished for a brighter look. Granite is an excellent choice for any contemporary space and is one of the heaviest and strongest stones available.
AGRICIN consultants recommend everything you need to create the much-dreamed-of fireplace.

We are waiting for you at the Showroom!

Onyx is a precious natural stone, very fine and quite fragile. In ancient times it was used in jewelry processing and as an ornamental gemstone for sculptures and mosaics..


  • its translucent structure;
  • special colors and shades.

Onyx has always been a source of amazement, due to its value and the fact that it can be illuminated from behind, being translucent. This property makes its colorful appearance form spectacular patterns, with the appearance of wavy waves .
Its special structure consists of contrasting colors, which gives uniqueness to the space in which it is located. Autumn shades are highly sought after by architects and interior designers, insofar as it is easy to work with this natural stone.


  • In the Roman Empire, onyx was used to make seals.
  • The name of this stone comes from the Greek word "onyx" which means "nails". Legend has it that the nails of the goddess Aphrodite were cut while she was sleeping, by Eros, the god of love. The nails scattered on the ground turned into small, white stones, known, today under the name of onyx.
  • In ancient times it was worn by warriors to attract the courage and strength of the deities to their side..
  • It is also called the stone of self-control and self-control, because onyx is said to facilitate objective rational thinking, able to control emotions and instinctual feelings, to eliminate negative thoughts and tendencies, apathy, stress and insecurity.
  • It is also said that it has a balancing action of the spaces and that it attracts harmony in the couple.


Onyx is a natural choice, elegance, sophisticated and charming. By its translucent appearance, the beauty of natural stone is even more highlighted in any interior design element. Spectacular receptions can be made from onyx, office, vertical paintings, backlit panels in hotel rooms or private homes, SOPHISTICATED, bars, vertical cladding in bathrooms or spa areas.

We are waiting for you at the Agricin Showroom to choose from the Stone Gallery the type of onyx that benefits you!

Natural stone for exterior

The landscaping season begins. The sun and the beautiful weather urge you to arrange your garden and outdoor spaces. It is a real pleasure when you give the grass and the rays of the sun to start rearranging the garden..
Natural stone offers resistance over time, but this is not the only advantage. Actually, there is at least 3 great reasons to choose natural stone for outdoor landscaping:
• Aesthetics
• Performance
• Durability

First, you want something that looks great no matter what type of stone you choose, you will not be disappointed. Wide range of models, from color to grain, it proves not only that there is something for all tastes, but also that the result will be truly unique.


Natural stone is a material 100% created by nature and used by the greatest international designers. Resistant to pressure and impact, which means it requires less maintenance than wood or terracotta, so it is the ideal material for pavements.
Natural stone surpasses finishes such as plaster, stucco and paint because it is very weather resistant. Also, serves as an additional layer of insulation against the cold.


At Agricin you will find stone natural for the exterior in several forms: decorative stone, pavements, mosaic, dale, high quality cubic stone and decorative fountains.

Our consultants are always there get ready to give you all the information you need to do it the best choices for your dream garden.

granite wheat

Border countertopst they are an increasingly popular choice and this is really well-founded. Not only are they beautiful, but they also have a number of other advantages over other top materials. There it is 5 reasons to choose granite for kitchen countertops.


One of the most important things to consider in any change you make in the kitchen is the functionality. This material is heat resistant, so you don't have to worry about burning hot pans. It is also resistant to moisture and scratches. A granite countertop keeps the kitchen clean and hygienic for longer.  


According to specialists during a 30 years, the laminate top must be replaced three times. A wooden countertop must be replaced twice in the same period of time, as well as requiring repairs several times between replacements. How many times will you have to replace the granite? Zero. Granite lasts, also, twice as much as other popular stone materials.


Studies show that granite countertops can significantly increase the value of your home. Not only do they improve the look of the kitchen, often a decisive factor in the purchase of new homes, but it retains its value for decades. Often, you may recover up to 100% from your investment. when selling your house.


A properly sealed granite countertop is easily the most suitable material you can choose for your countertop. It will resist staining and the accumulation of bacteria and can be easily cleaned with special maintenance solutions.


We all want an attractive kitchen, but also functional. You want to enhance the beauty of the space with any improvement? You will definitely do this with granite countertops. Natural stone fits perfectly with any style of arrangement.

Consultants Agricin I am always at your disposal. for custom tours both in Showroom-the Agricin as well as in Agricin Stone Gallery for choosing materials and customizing the offer.

We spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom, from daily routine to relaxation rituals - so this room also deserves special attention when it comes to design and design.

Choosing a countertop is, maybe even more difficult than a kitchen counter. Choosing a bathroom countertop can be a real challenge!

Agricin recommends some indicators to keep in mind when choosing bathroom countertops.

What would you like your bathroom to look like?? There are several styles, from the traditional / country to the modern, or why not, Victorian style. When you want something different, we recommend the Mediterranean style, art deco or neoclassical. The key would be to study the styles very well beforehand, to choose the best option, and which, of course, it suits you best.

Daily activities
If you use hot styling tools, e.g, you need a high temperature resistant worktop.

Playful children
If there are children very often around, then you need a material that is resistant to bacteria and easy to clean.

Countertop maintenance

Testing of bathroom surfaces is different from those for the kitchen.
For the bathroom, we think of traces of lipstick or hair dye instead of food or coffee / wine stains., In the bathroom we can get rid of nail polish or acetone, chemicals, and these can leave consistent marks on the countertops.

Natural stone countertops are quite exposed to corrosive agents, therefore, acidic cleaning detergents are not recommended, but rather special maintenance kits or professional detergents.

Why natural stone countertops?

Remarkable both in beauty and endurance, through the upper level of finish, natural stone countertops prove to be a profitable investment, bringing long-term value to the arrangement.

✓Extremely long lifespan;
✓ give extra comfort and safety to the chosen space ;
✓the unique character flatters through the note of distinction and elegance offered to the interior spaces;
✓Easy to fit into any type of environment;
✓resistance to mechanical actions(strikes, clashes,scratch);
✓termorezistență; (natural stone maintains heat or coolness)
✓resistance to bacteria(Natural stone is not an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria, and with the help of special treatments the performances of the natural stone can be increased)
✓low degree of expansion and compression. (valid for quartz composite, granite and marble; this advantage of natural stones can be improved by a waterproofing process).

At Agricin, we always offer you spectacular solutions that we customize according to your preferences.

If you are a lover of natural materials , then, surely, we can inspire you for your future interior design projects ! Regardless the style in which your house or your office is decorated your office, classical, contemporary or traditional, natural and sintered finished stone products that we have been making for over a quarter of a century AGRICIN, is 100% personalized for each project.

The multitude of materials available in our showrooms - marble, granite, quartz, onix, gemstones, unique appearance of slabs, but also their spectacular colors, will make you want to integrate in your houses or offices as many finished natural stone products as possible., real pieces of resistance that will transform certainly the interior spaces.

What natural stone products can be included in spaces decorated in a classic style?

Prefer the classic style? The stylized lines of rooms, the highest quality finishes, solid wood furniture and objects Expensive decor are representative of an elegant ambience, with class.

In this case, the interior spaces will be exceptionally completed with Agricin brand natural stone products: exclusive marble floors and stairs in the entrance halls, bathroom or kitchen countertops made of granite, decorative panels made of semiprecious stone with backlight in the living room, or even whole rooms equipped and finished with the most spectacular types of natural or precious stone. The effect that natural stone creates in interior spaces decorated in a classic style is to give uniqueness., permanence and timelessness of the overall image, proving that… what is classic never goes out of style.

But what kind of natural stone products are suitable for environments with a modern design?

You prefer the modern style, contemporary? Widely designed spaces , with open areas, atypical decorative objects, what combines materials with different structure and appearance, like metal or glass, but also the lines minimalist furniture, can be enhanced by certain parts and finishes made of natural stone with clear cuts or, on the contrary, irregular.

Some Agricin natural stone elements from that can enhance a space with contemporary design are, for example, wall cladding with several types of materials with thicknesses and different colours, decorative panels such as natural quartz or onyx, contrasting medallion inserts in marble or granite floors, tops marble or quartz kitchenware with glossy finishes, or entire bathroom assemblies made of exclusive materials, innovative, processed according to the latest technology.

Prefer the traditional style? What products from natural stone fit in rustic style interiors?

Natural products are the perfect choice for your house or your office? The traditional style is distinguished not only by its rustic furniture handcrafted decorative objects, but especially by the inclusion in space of some elements taken from the external environment – plants, wood, stone, what it creates like that a natural environment, original, hospitable. Natural stone can be like this used for wall and floor cladding, as well as for achievement some pieces of furniture, shelves, fireplaces.

Agricin natural stone products are ideal for traditionally arranged interiors, sustaining symbiosis nature with living spaces: pavements of different types of stone for hallways or for wall cladding, steps, window sills and countertops for bathrooms and kitchens made of marble or granite with honed finish, stone walls natural with water curtain or plant inserts, and even limestone wine cellars, with antique finish.

We are waiting for you with the most creative ideas for arranging with natural stone, regardless of the style you prefer in your home or office!

Based on expertise and know-how acquired in those over 25 years of activity, products manufactured today in Agricin cover the whole sphere of interior design and exterior: table tops, kitchen, bar, bathroom | fronts for furniture | walls with water curtain | window sills | set of stairs | LED backlit ornamental panels | DIY wine cellar | Open Book floors or unique shapes | frontage elements |fireplaces | unique paintings made of natural stone | lighting objects | monuments | decorative objects |alleys and courtyards | cubic ornamental stone for landscaping.

We invite you to Agricin ShowRooms: we have in stock over 70 NEW and EXCLUSIVE materials from the WOW collection – Antolini Italy: marble, granite, quartzites…!

Most of them interior and exterior design projects are optimally implemented now, in the warm season, when building materials are processed much more Easy. One of the favorite materials for centuries to be integrated into interior spaces, natural stone, is chosen for both its appearance and the ease with which it is maintained, especially, for its great advantage, that that it takes over the ambient temperature and maintains it for a long time.

In line with the latest trends in architecture and design, more and more projects rely on the use of natural elements for environments, following the cohesion of the interior spaces with the exterior ones. And from this reason, natural stone is one of the most requested materials worldwide, and manufacturers align themselves with trends to create new collections or to invigorate certain materials through design and finishes atypical.

Through the collaborations we have with those largest international suppliers in the field of natural stone, we are able to offer the Romanian market the most modern and versatile materials, and with the help of the infrastructure and technology we have in AGRICIN factory , to create and deliver perfect finished products. In Agricin Stone Gallery we have over 10.000 sqm of quality raw material, including unique materials from all over the world, and in the Agricin Stone Library – are exposed over 1.200 of natural stone materials, semiprecious stone and other materials complexes with various finishes.

What is now in trend in the field of natural stone arrangements? The WOW effect!

The latest collection from Agricin stocks is WOW ballast collection – a special collection of top quality materials, produced by the world supplier Antolini Italia, with which we develop a long-term partnership, of over 18 years. The Wow collection is the result of Antolini's constant involvement in creating extraordinary materials, to permanently strengthen their position as innovative leaders in the natural stone industry. The quality of the materials is indisputable and represents, of course, the secret of exceptional products. The colors and veins of the stones in the WOW collection create a great visual impact, and the unique slabs also have fabulous names:

Amazonite - is a granite with colorful and exotic look: intense green games, white, Gray, beige, black, grouped in opaque areas, semi-opaque and translucent. The ballast itself can be considered a jewel of natural stones and can be used for creating uniquely exceptional products: decorative walls, fountains, tops, bathroom floors, receptions and many more… To be as good as possible highlighted, but also depending on the product to be made, granite Amazonite can support various finishes: glossy, mat, sandblasted etc.


Bronze Peace - It is a brown marble, with white - cream veins. Each slab has a unique look: the dark background of some slabs is furrowed with only a few fine light lines, others contain a whole network of intersecting veins, creating a marbled look. Amani bronze is one of the most requested materials in the world lately, being used for various destinations: tops, floors, steps, wall coverings, furniture items etc. It can be finished in several variants and it is very interesting to combine finishes for the same finished product – for eg. kitchen countertop with glossy finish + countertop with matte finish.

Explosion Blue – the colors of this quartz consist of a mix of gray - bluish, dark grey, pure white or beige, and some slabs may also contain slight traces of red or pale green. The way the layered colored curls are arranged and the direction of certain veins, induces the feeling that the slab was born from a real explosion of minerals and quartz crystals, metamorphosed into a unique picture. Explosion Blue is a hard material and can be used for floors, stair systems, ornamental walls, monuments or any other unique products.

? Image courtesy of Antolini

We invite you to the Agricin showrooms to appreciate them all the types of stone from the WOW Antolini collection and choose the perfect material for your projects your: Black Cosmic, Calacatta Heaven, Vendome Breche, Azul Macaubas, Fusion Wow, Montana Taupe, Elegant Brown, White Lasa Covelano Fantastico, Louise Blue… and many more more.

We manufacture finished products from natural stone and others complex materials throughout the construction area:

–          Countertops and kitchen countertops, table tops, bar, bathroom

–          Interior sills / exteriors and window frames

–          Interior doors / exterior

–          Stairs systems : steps, risers, plinths

–          Coatings openbook type or special forms

–          Ornamental LED backlit panels

–          Water curtain walls or with inserts of plant elements

–          Plated fireplaces or built into the wall

–          Three-dimensional elements and decorative objects

–          Fronts, boards and furniture cladding: nightstands, bed sheets

–          Lighting bodies

–          Unique natural stone paintings

–          Elevator area frames

–          Receptions and halls –  tops + vertical / horizontal plating

–          Plated facades and plinths

–          Cubic and ornamental stone for landscaping

–          Tiles, curbs, urban furniture, fountains

–          Wineries and unique projects

We are waiting for you in Agricin Universe to create the most spectacular products together for your home or office:

  • Agricin Lifestyle – natural and precious stone is transformed into unique finished products and included in various environmental spaces over 350 mp: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining-room, living-room, private office, SPA, lobby, bar.
  • Agricin Stone Gallery - a collection of over 20.000 sqm of raw material including unique materials from all over the world
  • Agricin Stone Library – over 1.200 samples of materials with the most varied finishes
  • Agricin Factory – factory equipped with technology state-of-the-art digital technology that turns materials every year into over 40.000 unique products


? Agricin. Since 1993, manufactures perfect projects.

We recently launched AGRICIN SHOWROOM – one of the largest concepts on the market in South East Europe in the field of natural stone products

The Agricin company represents 100% Romanian business who recently crowned over 25 years of activity through inauguration of the last segment of the Agricin concept, respectively AGRICIN SHOWROOM. The whole project took place during 5 years, from 2014 until 2019, period in which were made over 7 million investments in technology and equipment, raw material, showrooms, infrastructure.

Agricin Showrooms means spaces of over 1.700 sqm arranged with the newer natural stone materials discovered today and examples of innovative workmanship,  Agricin Stone Gallery - over 10.000 sqm of raw material including unique materials from all over the world, Agricin Stone Library – in which they are exposed over 1.200 of materials made of natural stone, semiprecious stone and other complex materials with various finishes, as well as Agricin Factory – the factory equipped with the latest digital technology that annually turns the materials into over 40.000 of unique products.

All that is present in the Agricin Showroom is created 100% by the Agricin team based on their valuable experience and on the factory infrastructure. Ever since the company was founded, has always innovated, in accordance with trends in interior design, the challenges proposed by architects and the rapid development of technology.

The opening event of our Showroom involved a lot of collective work and a sustained effort from Agricin team : design and projection, commercial, acquisitions, but especially, production-development departments. All their skill has been proven in creating spectacular natural stone environments, who created an excellent feedback among guests: architects, real estate developers, construction companies, interior design ,  arrangements, projection, furniture and so on.

Agricin collaborators had a great contribution to the success of the event, who supported the concept of creating an unique experience and memorable moments for all the guests: Albertina Ionescu- the host of the event, Chef Gabriel Mocanu & GOYA Studio – mastering live cooking, Kronwell Hotel- premium accommodation and catering services,  Creature Promotion – exclusive hostess, Art Production – professional photo-video services,  Fdx Expert – sound and special effects, Corona Brasov Quartet – live music performance.

The desire to complete one of the largest concepts on the market in South East Europe in the field of natural stone - recent inauguration Agricin Showrooms, continues its efforts to strengthen Agricin's position on the market.

"Agricin's vision is to be the supplier of unique or standardized products with the most balanced quality-price ratio. A benchmark for professional fairness in a world of challenges!”- Răzvan Neamțu, Co-Founder Agricin.

We look forward to creating spectacular designs in natural stone and other complex materials for your office or home., which will attract the admiration of those around and… at least one "Wow"!

AGRICIN, one of the most important Romanian companies in the field of natural stone processing, officially announces the partnership with one of the world leaders of the industry - ANTOLINI LUIGI & C S.P.A

In 18 April, company 100% Agricin, Romanian company launches one UNIQUE SHOWROOM in South East Europe!  

Agricin Showroom means spaces of over 1.700 mp decorated with the latest natural stone materials., over 1.200 natural stone materials, semiprecious stone and other complex materials, including unique materials from all over the world, like and examples of innovative workmanship. The whole investment was made in during a 6 years and amounted to 7 million.

The Agricin Showroom will challenge your imagination to see how mastery and innovation in the manufacture of finished products from natural rocks transforms spaces such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining-room, living-room, private office, SPA, lobby, bar.


On the occasion of the opening event of the ShowRoom, Agricin officially announces the unique partnership with Antolini Luigi & C S.p.a, one of the world leaders in the natural stone industry.

Alberto Antolini - CEO Antolini

"We are very pleased of this new partnership that will allow us to strengthen our presence on the Romanian market . Thanks to this collaboration, our collections - which are the result of our constant involvement in creating extraordinary materials - will be available in a generous showroom located in one of the the most flourishing cities of the country. Through Agricin we will be able to offer our customers the best range of Antolini brand materials, giving simultaneously the most reliable and competent services. We hope this inauguration to be just the beginning of a beautiful journey that will give the natural stone that the best possible exposure. "

RazvanNeamțu - Co-Founder & Owner Agricin:

" There are over 25 years since my family started investing in this field in order to create origina objects from the richness part of the earth. Ever since, we set out to make a new product in every year. I'm glad we managed to keep our promise, to cope the challenges of architects, to improve the quality of products every year our. We are happy to have customers coming back after 16-20 years and them we thank all those who chose to buy Agricin products.

We are honored to confirm the trust from two big names in the world:  Antolini Italy – family business with a long tradition 50 years and the Familly Association Business Network – association international supporting family business development around the world.

I am delighted to invite you at the launching event of the Agricin Showroom, to admire and to you enjoy touching the rarest and most diverse natural rocks worldwide!”

Following a total investment of 7 million, in April 2019 AGRICIN SHOWROOM is launched

Founded in 1993, Agricin is a 100% Romanian business that is fast approaching the completion of one of the largest existing concepts on the market in South East Europe.

It's about the ShowRoom AGRICIN, located in Ghimbav – Brașov, which encompasses over 1.700 sqm environmental spaces, Agricin Stone Library which includes over 1.200 of natural stone materials, semiprecious stone and other complex materials, some even uniquely brought to our country from all corners world,  as well as the Agricin Factory that makes fish 40.000 of unique products per year.

Over 25 years of history will be crowned in April by inaugurating the last segment of the Agricin concept, respectively AGRICIN SHOWROOM. The whole project took place during 5 years, from 2014 until 2019, period in which investments were made in technology and equipment, raw material, showrooms, infrastructure.

The Agricin ShowRoom challenges your imagination to see how mastery and innovation combine in the manufacture of finished products from natural rocks and transform spaces such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining-room, living-room, private office, SPA, lobby, bar.


Razvan Neamtu – owner & co-founder Agricin

Agricin's vision is to be the supplier of unique or standardized products with the most balanced quality-price ratio. A benchmark for professional fairness in a world of challenges!”-  Răzvan Neamțu, Co-Founder Agricin.

  About Agricin

In 1993, Mr. Marian Neamțu created AGRICIN. It all started with a workshop, much passion, determination and mastery. Today, Mr. Răzvan Neamțu anchored Agricin in the digital age keeping the mastery and tradition as our most important business pillars .

Nowadays, Agricin means mastery in marble processing, granite, travertine and of other natural materials, some of them having an unique character, based on a state-of-the-art digital infrastructures, the spearhead of technology profile, so that you benefit from perfect pieces.

Agricin manufactures finished products from natural stone and other complex type materials: interior and exterior stairs (killed, curves, balansate), plywood floors or Venetian mosaic, plates for vertical cladding (paneling, sockets, frontage), countertops for meals, kitchens, bars, bathrooms, window sills, functional elements (fireplaces, fountains, lighting fixtures, etc.), monuments, columns, statues, decorative objects, cubical stone, mosaic, chippings, and many more.

Agricin is a business owned by Neamțu family and is part of RaRa Group, a business group 100% Romanian entrepreneurship.

Agricin has the honor of being a member of Family Business Network Romania Association which supports the development of family businesses and their transfer over generations.