The fireplace is the heart of the house. In the evening when you get home, Winter, the most pleasant moment is when you relax on the sofa, in front of the fireplace, where the wood crackles gently.

The fireplace warms the interior of the room. Positioned in the corner or in the center of a room, a fireplace will always attract attention. And for this aspect, architects and designers turn to natural stone to enhance its natural and warm appeal.

Beautiful and comforting, stone fireplaces are customizable, practical and spectacular. When you think of a stone fireplace, you immediately think of something old, rustic and cool, but it doesn't have to be like that. Actually, there are 5 advantages for building a stone fireplace.


1. Natural stone is a central visual point, charming

Natural stone is visually distinct and elegant - like marble and granite – or rustic. Because it is formed in nature, it has rich tones and shades, which are warm and welcoming. It allows for artistic design and blends the interior of a home with the exterior architecture and landscaping if the same stone is used. The color variation blends perfectly with the current minimalist and maximalist decor trends, adding depth and interest — the organic shapes and textures of natural stone harmonize perfectly with wood accents and other decorative stone accents.

2. Longevity

Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world and has an extraordinarily long lifespan. You can see this aspect in ancient buildings around the world, where natural stone survives, while other materials fade and do not pass the test of time. Objects made of natural stone have several lives without losing their luster.

3. Durability

Natural stone is known to be practically indestructible. It can be handled easily without falling apart and is highly resistant to damage from flooding or mold. It is precisely for this reason that many use natural stone in the areas that give them the biggest headaches, such as bathrooms, floors and fireplaces.

4. Natural stone is ecological

There are no harmful chemicals or toxins in natural stone. Because it is extracted from the earth, its carbon footprint is significantly lower than other manufactured materials. Stone can be easily recycled and reused, extending its life and reducing waste in landfills. Its long shelf life means, also, that it does not need to be replaced often. In many ways, stone is one of the first environmentally friendly building materials that we continue to use to this day.

5. Natural stone increases the resale value of the home

Real estate agents and architects agree that natural stone increases the value of a home and provides a high return on investment when owners decide to sell.
Natural stone can increase the value of a home by up to 25% from its sale value, when associated with stone countertops, FLOORING, bathrooms, outside areas, fireplaces. Due to longevity and low chance of replacement during ownership, it is a once in a lifetime investment.

Do not forget!

Marble is of a rare beauty that is impossible to replicate and can always be polished for a brighter look. Granite is an excellent choice for any contemporary space and is one of the heaviest and strongest stones available.
AGRICIN consultants recommend everything you need to create the much-dreamed-of fireplace.

We are waiting for you at the Showroom!

Onyx is a precious natural stone, very fine and quite fragile. In ancient times it was used in jewelry processing and as an ornamental gemstone for sculptures and mosaics..


  • its translucent structure;
  • special colors and shades.

Onyx has always been a source of amazement, due to its value and the fact that it can be illuminated from behind, being translucent. This property makes its colorful appearance form spectacular patterns, with the appearance of wavy waves .
Its special structure consists of contrasting colors, which gives uniqueness to the space in which it is located. Autumn shades are highly sought after by architects and interior designers, insofar as it is easy to work with this natural stone.


  • In the Roman Empire, onyx was used to make seals.
  • The name of this stone comes from the Greek word "onyx" which means "nails". Legend has it that the nails of the goddess Aphrodite were cut while she was sleeping, by Eros, the god of love. The nails scattered on the ground turned into small, white stones, known, today under the name of onyx.
  • In ancient times it was worn by warriors to attract the courage and strength of the deities to their side..
  • It is also called the stone of self-control and self-control, because onyx is said to facilitate objective rational thinking, able to control emotions and instinctual feelings, to eliminate negative thoughts and tendencies, apathy, stress and insecurity.
  • It is also said that it has a balancing action of the spaces and that it attracts harmony in the couple.


Onyx is a natural choice, elegance, sophisticated and charming. By its translucent appearance, the beauty of natural stone is even more highlighted in any interior design element. Spectacular receptions can be made from onyx, office, vertical paintings, backlit panels in hotel rooms or private homes, SOPHISTICATED, bars, vertical cladding in bathrooms or spa areas.

We are waiting for you at the Agricin Showroom to choose from the Stone Gallery the type of onyx that benefits you!

The beauty of natural stones gives uniqueness, but also the value of your space, inspiring elegance and sophistication. To preserve the special aesthetic appearance of natural stone surfaces, but also historical monuments require their periodic maintenance and cleaning.
Because, at AGRICIN we offer you the right solutions to maintain them, over a long period of time.


AC + ANTIQUE STONES : acid treatment. It is suitable for natural calcite stone surfaces, for renovating or polishing tables, Countertops, steps or the surroundings of swimming pools, which provides an effective finish and creates an acid-resistant surface.

DESMOG: helps to restore historical or very old monuments. It helps to restore the facades, COLUMN, the walls restoring their original appearance, without damaging their structure.
It is effective for cleaning surfaces covered with smog, carbon, residues caused by atmospheric pollution, being suitable for marble, granite, cement, limestone, brick and concrete.

Cleaning solution that penetrates the surface of the stone creating an invisible barrier against moisture and rising damp and protection against stains: oil, fat, coffee, what do you have, food, general dirt, smog and mold. It is recommended to use for marble, granite, slate, floor tiles, quartz, volcanic stones, concrete, cement, terracotta, natural and artificial stones.

Platinum Stain Out Solution removes yellowish and brown stains from moisture, being water based and can be used on marble, granite and all natural stone surfaces.

Detergent for heavy conditions , strongly alkaline for deep cleaning of floors, bathrooms or kitchens, it is recommended to be used for surfaces, such as granite, marble, natural stone, mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, terracotta, quarry, dale, cement pavers.

Acid-based cleaning solution with an ideal combination for cleaning mortar, cement and adhesive residues, of limestone deposits and efflorescence of salts . Recommended only for matte marble finishes, LIMESTONE , slates, travertine and for polished granite, ceramics, porcelain, terracotta, tiles or pavers.

Professional water-based detergent for general cleaning, Stripper Gum quickly removes wax and is suitable for granite and marble surfaces, natural ceramic stone, porcelain, career stone, stone slabs, cement pavements.

At AGRICIN we provide the most suitable solutions for cleaning and reconditioning natural stone surfaces, to maintain their beauty for a long time. Ask our consultants or visit the Agricin Showroom for purchases or more information.

Natural stone for exterior

The landscaping season begins. The sun and the beautiful weather urge you to arrange your garden and outdoor spaces. It is a real pleasure when you give the grass and the rays of the sun to start rearranging the garden..
Natural stone offers resistance over time, but this is not the only advantage. Actually, there is at least 3 great reasons to choose natural stone for outdoor landscaping:
• Aesthetics
• Performance
• Durability

First, you want something that looks great no matter what type of stone you choose, you will not be disappointed. Wide range of models, from color to grain, it proves not only that there is something for all tastes, but also that the result will be truly unique.


Natural stone is a material 100% created by nature and used by the greatest international designers. Resistant to pressure and impact, which means it requires less maintenance than wood or terracotta, so it is the ideal material for pavements.
Natural stone surpasses finishes such as plaster, stucco and paint because it is very weather resistant. Also, serves as an additional layer of insulation against the cold.


At Agricin you will find stone natural for the exterior in several forms: decorative stone, pavements, mosaic, dale, high quality cubic stone and decorative fountains.

Our consultants are always there get ready to give you all the information you need to do it the best choices for your dream garden.

granite wheat

Border countertopst they are an increasingly popular choice and this is really well-founded. Not only are they beautiful, but they also have a number of other advantages over other top materials. There it is 5 reasons to choose granite for kitchen countertops.


One of the most important things to consider in any change you make in the kitchen is the functionality. This material is heat resistant, so you don't have to worry about burning hot pans. It is also resistant to moisture and scratches. A granite countertop keeps the kitchen clean and hygienic for longer.  


According to specialists during a 30 years, the laminate top must be replaced three times. A wooden countertop must be replaced twice in the same period of time, as well as requiring repairs several times between replacements. How many times will you have to replace the granite? Zero. Granite lasts, also, twice as much as other popular stone materials.


Studies show that granite countertops can significantly increase the value of your home. Not only do they improve the look of the kitchen, often a decisive factor in the purchase of new homes, but it retains its value for decades. Often, you may recover up to 100% from your investment. when selling your house.


A properly sealed granite countertop is easily the most suitable material you can choose for your countertop. It will resist staining and the accumulation of bacteria and can be easily cleaned with special maintenance solutions.


We all want an attractive kitchen, but also functional. You want to enhance the beauty of the space with any improvement? You will definitely do this with granite countertops. Natural stone fits perfectly with any style of arrangement.

Consultants Agricin I am always at your disposal. for custom tours both in Showroom-the Agricin as well as in Agricin Stone Gallery for choosing materials and customizing the offer.

We spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom, from daily routine to relaxation rituals - so this room also deserves special attention when it comes to design and design.

Choosing a countertop is, maybe even more difficult than a kitchen counter. Choosing a bathroom countertop can be a real challenge!

Agricin recommends some indicators to keep in mind when choosing bathroom countertops.

What would you like your bathroom to look like?? There are several styles, from the traditional / country to the modern, or why not, Victorian style. When you want something different, we recommend the Mediterranean style, art deco or neoclassical. The key would be to study the styles very well beforehand, to choose the best option, and which, of course, it suits you best.

Daily activities
If you use hot styling tools, e.g, you need a high temperature resistant worktop.

Playful children
If there are children very often around, then you need a material that is resistant to bacteria and easy to clean.

Countertop maintenance

Testing of bathroom surfaces is different from those for the kitchen.
For the bathroom, we think of traces of lipstick or hair dye instead of food or coffee / wine stains., In the bathroom we can get rid of nail polish or acetone, chemicals, and these can leave consistent marks on the countertops.

Natural stone countertops are quite exposed to corrosive agents, therefore, acidic cleaning detergents are not recommended, but rather special maintenance kits or professional detergents.

Why natural stone countertops?

Remarkable both in beauty and endurance, through the upper level of finish, natural stone countertops prove to be a profitable investment, bringing long-term value to the arrangement.

✓Extremely long lifespan;
✓ give extra comfort and safety to the chosen space ;
✓the unique character flatters through the note of distinction and elegance offered to the interior spaces;
✓Easy to fit into any type of environment;
✓resistance to mechanical actions(strikes, clashes,scratch);
✓termorezistență; (natural stone maintains heat or coolness)
✓resistance to bacteria(Natural stone is not an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria, and with the help of special treatments the performances of the natural stone can be increased)
✓low degree of expansion and compression. (valid for quartz composite, granite and marble; this advantage of natural stones can be improved by a waterproofing process).

At Agricin, we always offer you spectacular solutions that we customize according to your preferences.

If you are a lover of natural materials , then, surely, we can inspire you for your future interior design projects ! Regardless the style in which your house or your office is decorated your office, classical, contemporary or traditional, natural and sintered finished stone products that we have been making for over a quarter of a century AGRICIN, is 100% personalized for each project.

The multitude of materials available in our showrooms - marble, granite, quartz, onix, gemstones, unique appearance of slabs, but also their spectacular colors, will make you want to integrate in your houses or offices as many finished natural stone products as possible., real pieces of resistance that will transform certainly the interior spaces.

What natural stone products can be included in spaces decorated in a classic style?

Prefer the classic style? The stylized lines of rooms, the highest quality finishes, solid wood furniture and objects Expensive decor are representative of an elegant ambience, with class.

In this case, the interior spaces will be exceptionally completed with Agricin brand natural stone products: exclusive marble floors and stairs in the entrance halls, bathroom or kitchen countertops made of granite, decorative panels made of semiprecious stone with backlight in the living room, or even whole rooms equipped and finished with the most spectacular types of natural or precious stone. The effect that natural stone creates in interior spaces decorated in a classic style is to give uniqueness., permanence and timelessness of the overall image, proving that… what is classic never goes out of style.

But what kind of natural stone products are suitable for environments with a modern design?

You prefer the modern style, contemporary? Widely designed spaces , with open areas, atypical decorative objects, what combines materials with different structure and appearance, like metal or glass, but also the lines minimalist furniture, can be enhanced by certain parts and finishes made of natural stone with clear cuts or, on the contrary, irregular.

Some Agricin natural stone elements from that can enhance a space with contemporary design are, for example, wall cladding with several types of materials with thicknesses and different colours, decorative panels such as natural quartz or onyx, contrasting medallion inserts in marble or granite floors, tops marble or quartz kitchenware with glossy finishes, or entire bathroom assemblies made of exclusive materials, innovative, processed according to the latest technology.

Prefer the traditional style? What products from natural stone fit in rustic style interiors?

Natural products are the perfect choice for your house or your office? The traditional style is distinguished not only by its rustic furniture handcrafted decorative objects, but especially by the inclusion in space of some elements taken from the external environment – plants, wood, stone, what it creates like that a natural environment, original, hospitable. Natural stone can be like this used for wall and floor cladding, as well as for achievement some pieces of furniture, shelves, fireplaces.

Agricin natural stone products are ideal for traditionally arranged interiors, sustaining symbiosis nature with living spaces: pavements of different types of stone for hallways or for wall cladding, steps, window sills and countertops for bathrooms and kitchens made of marble or granite with honed finish, stone walls natural with water curtain or plant inserts, and even limestone wine cellars, with antique finish.

We are waiting for you with the most creative ideas for arranging with natural stone, regardless of the style you prefer in your home or office!

Based on expertise and know-how acquired in those over 25 years of activity, products manufactured today in Agricin cover the whole sphere of interior design and exterior: table tops, kitchen, bar, bathroom | fronts for furniture | walls with water curtain | window sills | set of stairs | LED backlit ornamental panels | DIY wine cellar | Open Book floors or unique shapes | frontage elements |fireplaces | unique paintings made of natural stone | lighting objects | monuments | decorative objects |alleys and courtyards | cubic ornamental stone for landscaping.

Worktop is an essential element in the kitchen, it is the place in which the most important things happen in this space and even in a house.
But, more than that, the worktop is the one that sets the tone of the room, but also that conveys a certain emotion, to your space.

The importance of the countertop in the decor of a kitchen or work space, consists, in, what kind of material, what finish and what design is chosen for this countertop.

Some trends this year help us to have an overview of what is worn in terms of countertops in interior design.

Quartz countertops are still in the foreground, they being introduced as a sophisticated alternative, top for granite countertops. This natural stone has long dominated the worktop scene, especially in residential spaces whose owners want something sustainable, strong and looking great.

But, the disadvantage of this type of material is that it is porous, which means liquids like water, wine and oils can seep into the surface, causing stains. More than that, encourages the existence of bacteria on the surface of the countertop. This issue, can be, but efficiently, by applying a porous surface sealing solution, at least once a year, turning it into a non-porous one.

On the other hand, quartz is completely non-porous and does not have to go through a sealing process. This means that it is extremely resistant to staining with liquids, being one of the most hygienic worktops.

Added to this is the fact that this material is incredibly durable, which makes it very durable and so we can understand why it is the preferred choice for personal homes, but also for hotel or even medical workspaces.

We can find quartz worktops in many colors and finishes, close even to those of natural rocks, and this trend seems to be a long one.

Mounting rules

The substrate must be perfectly flat, without cracks, internal cavities or cracks and cleaned carefully; any part that is not securely fastened must be replaced.

Some surfaces (cement, mortar and generally those with water absorption) requires the application of a primer (primer).

Leveling, when necessary, it will be done by applying a wet layer of mortar or self-leveling cement.

The humidity in the substrate must not exceed 2.5 – 3 %.

Before applying the adhesive, check the humidity in the substrate with a hygrometer. The substrate must never contain lime


Adhesives and mechanical fastening systems will be purchased with a certificate of quality and warranty. The application sheets and mixing technology of the adhesive supplier and the mechanical fastening system supplier must be observed..
Adhesive manufacturers support the field of natural rock cladding with products of different colors (white, Gray) using them both indoors and outdoors.

To protect product surfaces from abrasion, contamination with liquids and wear and tear due to traffic, Agricin recommends regular maintenance and cleaning of surfaces. This will ensure the aesthetics and stability of the finish of the product.

The way the maintenance is performed depends on the degree of finishing of the product, location, supported traffic etc. It is recommended to test them on a small area before using the chosen cleaning and protection products..

1. Cleaning after installation:
After installing the product, moisten the surface and joints with water and remove construction debris using a neutral agent.
Use a degreasing agent for oil stains. After applying these agents, the surface of the product must always be washed with water and liquid detergent, then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry.

2. Maintenance of areas with heavy traffic:
For the maintenance of surfaces with heavy traffic it is recommended to apply a layer of crystallization wax by means of a polishing machine., this leading to the creation of a permanent protective layer. Then apply a thin layer of wax to the surface gloss to increase the gloss..
For daily manual maintenance it is recommended to use water-repellent cleaning and polishing agents.. Before applying polishing agents, the surface of the product must be cleaned of dust and mechanical contamination factors.

In order to achieve a complete maintenance, agents that increase the gloss and form surfaces with a higher adhesion can be used.. The frequency of maintenance depends on the intensity of traffic to which the product is subjected.
Depending on the intensity of the traffic, the time interval after which a new layer of protection is required is determined. When applying it, the existing layer is removed first (with the polishing machine), then the surface is degreased. Cleaning is performed with neutral agents. Then apply a new layer of wax to the cleaned surface, defatted and dried.

3. Maintenance of low traffic areas:
Low traffic surfaces can be maintained, after removing construction materials, with gloss wax. For daily manual maintenance of surfaces is recommended (after removing dust and solid contaminants) use of washing and polishing agents. In the case of regular use for the maintenance of mechanical means, it is recommended to use products created for this purpose. Depending on the intensity of the traffic, the time interval at which a new application of the protective layer is required is established. The process is similar to the one described above.

4. Manual surface maintenance:
Gloss of smaller surfaces, in corners and hard to reach places, can be intensified using manual polishing equipment (ex. polishing disc grinding machine) or manually, with fine cloth and polishing agents. The surface to be cleaned must first be wiped off of dust and mechanical contaminants, then washed.

5. Cleaning and maintenance of furniture:
To protect surfaces from water, oils and detergents and to increase its luster, the use of wax is recommended, which will need to be applied with either a fine cloth, either with manual polishing machines. Some polishing agents are also produced in spray form. These agents can increase the gloss, color brightness and water resistance. They are always applied on clean surfaces, defatted and dried.

6. Surface disinfection:
Disinfection is performed mainly in hospitals and food establishments. Before using disinfectants, it is necessary to clean the surface of mechanical contaminants. These disinfectants have bactericidal properties, antiviral and funicidal. After using them, it is necessary to wash the surfaces with water to remove traces of these agents and then perform normal maintenance.

7. Impregnation of surfaces:
An impregnating agent shall be used to protect the surfaces against the action of external factors and solid and liquid contaminants.. prior to
its use, mechanical contaminants and dust are removed. Then clean the surface with water and neutral detergent. After a period of time determined by traffic intensity or other factors, the impregnation treatment is repeated, removing all mechanical contaminants. After using these agents, it is necessary to wash the surface. Apply the impregnation solution layer on the clean and dry surface.

8. Protect product surfaces from paint and varnish stains:
To protect surfaces from paint stains (grafitti) or varnish will use a protective wax. After applying it, any paint stain can be removed with a polishing pad or steam.

9. Protection of surfaces against mechanical abrasion:
In the case of surfaces with heavy traffic corroborated with the presence of abrasive or liquid contaminants, it is recommended to provide cleaning areas at the entrance on the respective surface, these areas having the role of capturing, especially in winter, a large part of these contaminants and to protect the surface of the product and the wax layer applied on it. It is recommended to install these cleaning areas especially in warehouses, magazine, hallways and corridors with direct entrance from the street.