Onyx is a precious natural stone, very fine and quite fragile. In ancient times it was used in jewelry processing and as an ornamental gemstone for sculptures and mosaics..


  • its translucent structure;
  • special colors and shades.

Onyx has always been a source of amazement, due to its value and the fact that it can be illuminated from behind, being translucent. This property makes its colorful appearance form spectacular patterns, with the appearance of wavy waves .
Its special structure consists of contrasting colors, which gives uniqueness to the space in which it is located. Autumn shades are highly sought after by architects and interior designers, insofar as it is easy to work with this natural stone.


  • In the Roman Empire, onyx was used to make seals.
  • The name of this stone comes from the Greek word "onyx" which means "nails". Legend has it that the nails of the goddess Aphrodite were cut while she was sleeping, by Eros, the god of love. The nails scattered on the ground turned into small, white stones, known, today under the name of onyx.
  • In ancient times it was worn by warriors to attract the courage and strength of the deities to their side..
  • It is also called the stone of self-control and self-control, because onyx is said to facilitate objective rational thinking, able to control emotions and instinctual feelings, to eliminate negative thoughts and tendencies, apathy, stress and insecurity.
  • It is also said that it has a balancing action of the spaces and that it attracts harmony in the couple.


Onyx is a natural choice, elegance, sophisticated and charming. By its translucent appearance, the beauty of natural stone is even more highlighted in any interior design element. Spectacular receptions can be made from onyx, office, vertical paintings, backlit panels in hotel rooms or private homes, SOPHISTICATED, bars, vertical cladding in bathrooms or spa areas.

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