Urban Elements

Pavements and curbs

The street pavement with cubic stone allows to obtain an optimally usable surface in any season, due to its resistance to temperature changes. This surface prevents the accumulation of ditches that sometimes appear on adjacent roads. An important advantage is that the cubic granite stone prevents the formation of mud layers on the stone and does not allow the accumulation of dust., thus maintaining an optimal level of circulation.
Compared to other road finishes (asphalt, concrete), the cubic stone can be removed and reassembled after repairs, without changing the original street or pedestrian aspect. Among the main qualities of the pavement is the hardness, durability and a very long longevity, to which is added the pleasant appearance.

Facades and fences

Natural stone facades and fences add personality to the buildings, increase the durability of the arrangements and present an ease in maintenance incomparable with other materials. An advantage of using natural stone for exterior walls is that over time, in contact with atmospheric factors, the rock skates and becomes more and more resistant due to the formation of a protective layer. This phenomenon can be ameliorated by applying a protective varnish, ensuring greater durability of constructions in optimal conditions.
As for the stone fences, they are also notable for their aesthetic and functional superiority. The fences can be made entirely of natural stone, or they can only be clad or adorned with natural stone constituents.

Mobilier urban

Installation of urban furniture elements (benches, tables) it comes from our desire to properly optimize public spaces. These parts installed in the urban landscape have a higher level of durability and finish compared to other types of materials., not much cheaper. The pieces of furniture can be made of massive pieces of natural stone or can be plated, after they are build. There is the possibility of executing each piece in one piece according to the shape and stereotomy of the furniture.

Monuments and fountains

Physical manifestations of collective memory or simple elements of urban decoration, natural stone monuments are durable works, imposing, hard to overlook. The materials from which the monuments are made must be weather resistant, therefore granite and basalt are preferred. The monuments are made of either stone blocks, either by stone plating after pouring the monument.

Other similar materials

Standardized Elements


The strength and expressiveness of the stone are very well highlighted in the case of walls made of natural stone. Through their attractive and original design, natural stone cladding gives the spaces nobility and style, ensuring, at the same time, strength of constructions. The advantage of this type of structure is that it can be successfully matched with various other materials (wood, metal, glass), thus giving a natural and refined look to the interiors.


Natural stone frames are architectural elements customized according to each construction, can be installed around windows or doors. Gives elegance and style to large spaces, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance of the arrangement. The frames can be made of different types of natural stone, in accordance with the customer's requirements and the development plan.


The mosaic has unique decorative values, having at the same time a particular hardness and strength due to its structure composed of several rocks. Mainly used in bathrooms and hallways, mosaic can also be a solution for decorating bedrooms or living rooms.

This decorative art technique is very suitable for wall or floor coverings, but it can also be applied for dressing furniture.

One of the main qualities of flamed mosaic is its non-slip character and resistance to abrasion in wet environments., being the only material in its range that meets these requirements.


Natural stone floors bring an air of comfort and nobility, being the guarantee of the resistance of any construction. The advantage of stone floors is that they can be easily matched, both aesthetically, as well as the texture, with the other elements of a room. The quality of natural stone fittings increases if they are made on a rigid support, usually on a concrete slab.

The interior, granite floors are recommended, marble, limestone and travertine, and for spaces that are not exposed to heavy traffic, onix. The outside, granite is recommended, basalt, slate, schist, andesite and with special attention to waterproofing treatment, marble, limestone or travertine. to avoid the apparent sensation of cold given by the stone, natural stone floors can be mounted on underfloor heating systems. In case of mounting plates larger than 40×40 cm, it is recommended to create sufficient expansion joints to avoid breaking the corners and edges of the plates. For kitchens, plates resistant to acid or moisture factors are recommended, and for bathrooms, those with a low degree of water absorption. Regarding the type of stone recommended for floors, one of the most reliable options remains granite, due to its durable character, durable and chromatically attractive.

Other similar materials


A delight for the eyes, a joy for steps, natural stone stairs have a custom design, AGRICIN brand.


– The natural stone steps are meant to complete any arrangement, matching walls or floors decorated with natural stone.
– The main attributes of natural stone steps are durability and elegance. You will be convinced on the spot that you have made a good decision by choosing natural stone steps, because the work will impress with its unique beauty, durability and resistance to ultraviolet rays.
– Waterproofed after installation, natural stone steps do not change their structure and volume. They are a good thermal conductor, and on the outside they can acquire an anti-slip character by finishing.


You can opt for natural stone stairs, both on the outside, as well as inside. For the exterior, we recommend using a non-slip granite, which is distinguished by a high degree of hardness, and inside you can choose from a wide variety of marble materials, granite or travertine.


The slabs have a length between 200cm and 300cm, which allows the realization of steps and countersteps in one piece. For the execution of the steps in one piece, the hardness of the chosen materials must be taken into account, the width of the parts to be made and the assembly area, its exterior and interior.

The advantages of plating stairs with natural rocks:

– the possibility of executing each step in one piece according to the shape and stereotomy of the space
– high hardness, variety of colors, high durability, higher level of finish at a cost similar to other products that do not rise to the same aesthetic appreciation and durability.


– the measurements must be accurate for each component of the scale: step, contratreapta, plinth.
– choice of material, of the color and the way of finishing is done depending on the location and the traffic level of the stairs
– for exterior stairs, we recommend materials in light colors and with a matte finish – roughened or
– for independent steps (those that connect the ground floor to the first floor or those in a spiral), the desired thickness and length of the material must be specified.

Other similar materials


Marble or granite window sills are the detail that completes a tastefully decorated window. In addition to aesthetic importance, natural stone window sills also have practical utility, they lining the bottom of the window.

The window sills offered by AGRICIN are made entirely of marble or natural granite and represent your solution for both new constructions, as well as for renovations. These products highlight the finishes and design of the room, creating a pleasant atmosphere.


– Natural stone window sills are a decorative element for the window, but also a wall protection element, being able to be mounted both inside and outside the constructions.
– There are many advantages to choosing a natural stone window sill: it is durable, resistant to the action of ultraviolet rays and temperature variations and does not produce noise during rain.
– Being available in a very varied color palette, Natural stone window sills can be easily integrated into a construction project.


– Materials for the entire range of natural stone can be chosen for interior window sills, respectively: marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx or composite quartz, depending on the desired color and style of the building.
– The outside, the use of frost-resistant materials is recommended. The optimal choice is granite due to the low degree of absorption and for its resistance to UV rays, to large differences in temperature and weather.
– Other materials such as marble can also be used, limestone or travertine, but we recommend that their finish be matte, brushed, antique, because in time they fade from UV rays if the glossy variant is chosen.


Depending on the materials chosen and the length of the slabs, the window sills can be made in one piece. The usual thickness is 2cm, but window sills can also be made at greater thicknesses, by purchasing raw material directly to the desired thickness or by doubling the visible edges.

Other similar materials

Quartz is a material obtained by crushing and grinding a 93% stone and 7% synthetic resins and pigments.

The Quartz countertop from INNO CounterTops has the following features:

– durable

– scratch resistant, stains and heat

– moisture resistant and uniform

– maintenance free

– wide range of colors

– glossy finish, matte or textured

Composite quartz countertops have the advantage of an extremely varied color package, thus completing its durability and strength. Not being a natural material (contain 93 % quartz and 7 % resins) it is easier to integrate in different types of arrangements, both for lovers of warm shades, open as well as for those who want intense colors, accent. The color palette respects the uniformity and attracts attention through the appearance of the surface very glossy and uniform. It can also impress by combining it with other types of material, such as wood.

INNO CounterTops Strato laminated ceramics meet the following qualities:

– simple installation

– easy maintenance

– resistance to high temperatures up to 180 ° C

– great variety of colors, textures and patterns

– waterproof

– resistance to chemicals and household products

– easily repaired in the event of an incident, by grinding or plugging with resin

-non-porous surface that increases resistance to mechanical damage;

– RTD;

– the material is easy to adapt to various types of countertops (curves, insular, at right angles etc.);

– resistant to corrosive substances.

This artificial stone is made of 90% quartz and also contains colored pigments.

Composite countertops contain polymers and up to 93% quartz particle.

The heat and pressure of the earth's crust on the limestone for years has resulted in the marble. INNO CounterTops Crystal countertops stand out with the following qualities:

– elegant

– durable

– resistant to high temperatures

– scratch resistant

– easy cleaning

– luminous

– it is available in different shapes and colors

– available in various types of finish

– may be more sensitive to acid stains (vinegar), so care is very important.


Without a doubt, the most beautiful natural stone in the world, in special colors and with veins and iridescence that sometimes exceed any imagination, marble gives any space, an impressive look. It is a very dense metamorphic rock, tough, with very fine grain, which can be easily polished with spectacular results. Depending on the origin, marble has very different aspects: from white to black, with perfectly unicolored surfaces, to green or red, with many discreet colors.

Being one of the hardest rocks on Earth and obtained from the magma's path through the tectonic plates to the surface resulting in magma, it takes millions of years for granite to form.

Granite countertops from INNO CounterTops are the epicenter of any kitchen, this summing up the following qualities:


Impressive color palette

Resistance to high temperatures

Scratch resistance

Moisture resistant

Easy cleaning



– Thermistor (does not deteriorate on direct contact with a heat source:);

– is available in a very wide range of colors;

– it retains its appearance for a long time;

– it has an extremely long lifespan;

– it is very easy to maintain and does not require special treatments;

– high hardness - does not scratch and has stain resistance, heat and water.

– being a natural material it has a porous surface and periodic maintenance is necessary to avoid absorption and staining.

A granite countertop flatters through the uniqueness of the existing granulation and the characteristic color combinations of this material. Granite is one of the most durable and elegant materials from which countertops can be made. In addition to the high level of hardness, which is closest to that of the diamond among natural stones, has the advantage of offering a diversified color package. Which sets it apart from other types of materials in particular, is its originality.

The uniqueness that nature ensures, ranks it among the most sought after materials for making countertops. They are durable and easy to maintain, being available in a wide range of textures and finishes so they can easily fit into any environment. The advantages of this product are many, standing out for its beauty and durability. The superior level of finish gives it an incomparable quality with other materials, making any development investment profitable.


The countertop is a building element used on top of kitchen furniture, bathroom or bar, but also in unique and design elements: fireplaces, tables, bedside tables and other pieces of furniture.


– It has an extremely long lifespan, making the investment profitable;
– It adds comfort and safety to the chosen destination;
– The unique character flatters through the note of distinction and elegance offered to the interior spaces;
– It easily fits into any type of environment through the contribution of the wide range of shades and the superior level of execution of the finishes;

Product Accents:

– Low degree of absorption that prevents various liquids from infiltrating and staining its structure. It gives it resistance to contact with various foods and beverages often used in a kitchen such as red wine, vinegar, oil, coffee, mustard, citrus etc..
– Resistance to mechanical actions such as shocks, clashes, scratch
– Heat-resistant - contact with hot dishes does not affect its structure and appearance
– Resistance to bacteria - zero bacteria
– Low degree of expansion and compression (it does not change its structure and volume as a result of the action of water).